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Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pre-Nuptial Agreement solicitors in Horsham, Guildford & Haywards Heath

Because things happen…

We have extensive experience dealing with the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial (or pre-marital) agreements are agreements entered into between couples in advance of their marriage.

The main purpose of such agreements is to set out in advance how the income and assets of the parties will be dealt with both during the course of the marriage and in the event of separation or divorce.

Currently, pre-nuptial agreements are not binding on the English courts. However, recently the courts have been more prepared to place much greater weight on pre-nuptial agreements which have been prepared in line with guidance set out by the Supreme Court.

It is essential that both parties have received independent legal advice prior to entering into the pre-nuptial agreement.

We have experience dealing with the preparation of pre-nuptial agreements in a wide range of cases, including both modest and high asset couples. We can also offer the option of using Collaborative Law for the purpose of negotiating and finalising the terms of the proposed agreement.

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