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Collaborative Law

“Working together to achieve a fair and sensible solution”

Collaborative law is a process by which the parties work together with their lawyers to achieve a fair and sensible solution to matters. The process is based upon a principle of non-confrontation and a commitment not to engage in court proceedings.

The process can be used widely to include resolving issues relating to children, the breakdown of a marriage or cohabiting couples, or in the preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement.

At the outset of the process, each party will need to instruct a collaboratively trained lawyer. The parties and their lawyers will then arrange to meet for a series of “four-way meetings” at which the issues to be resolved will be considered in constructive discussion with a view to finding a fair and amicable solution.

The benefits of collaborative law:-

  • You will be actively involved in discussing and seeking to resolve the issues throughout the entire process.
  • It will help to avoid future conflict and/or acrimony between yourself and your spouse/partner. This may be particularly beneficial when dealing with issues relating to children.
  • You can avoid the cost and stress of court proceedings.
  • The outcome of your case is determined by decisions agreed during the meetings, not by decisions ordered by a Judge.
  • The process can be dealt with quickly or within a timescale agreed between the parties.
  • You will continue to have the benefit of advice from a specialist, experienced lawyer throughout.

Andrew Delo is an accredited Resolution trained collaborative family lawyer and a member of West Sussex Collaborative Law www.westsussexcollaborativelaw.co.uk