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Financial Provision for Children

Financial Provision for Children solicitors in Horsham, Reigate & Haywards Heath

Financial support for your children

Even where you do not have an interest in the family home, it is still possible to pursue financial provision (e.g. to assist with re-housing following separation) for the benefit of a child. Such a claim is made pursuant to Schedule 1 to the Children Act 1989 (and you will hear reference to a ‘Schedule 1 claim’).

A Schedule 1 claim can be pursued by a parent, guardian, special guardian, or any person with whom a child lives under a Child Arrangements Order, and financial provision can be made for:

  • Lump sum (e.g. for purchase of a property)
  • Payment of school fees
  • Top up child maintenance (where the income of the paying parent means that there has been a maximum assessment by the Child Maintenance Service)

We can provide you with advice on the financial provision you may be able to pursue.

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