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Cohabitation Disputes

Cohabitation dispute solicitors in Horsham, Guildford & Haywards Heath

Expert legal advice on your rights and entitlements

Disputes often arise on the breakdown of a relationship between a cohabiting, but unmarried, couple. The myth of the ‘common law marriage’ means many do not appreciate that the legal rights of cohabiting couples are very different to those of married parties, therefore need to be considered carefully. We can provide you with expert advice on your legal position including:

  • Claims and disputes relating to the ownership of property (whether jointly owned or in one person’s sole name).
    Rights of occupation of a property.
  • Child maintenance and other financial claims on behalf of a child (e.g. transfer of property, payment of private school fees).
  • Claims relating to other jointly owned assets.
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Andrew Delo | Sole Principal

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Ryan Yates | Associate Solicitor